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The Prolog

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The base was overgrowned by dence thickets and nettles. Behind them you were seen outline blocks. Near this place was the municipal office. The base has its own legend. Here have started out town. In place near the base you were seen fragments of old shafts shaped like a horseshoe. Someone has to live here a few years ago. Now, at the winter the base collects only fans of sledding.

Tom had come to the base early, before his friends. He informed his friends about what he saw in the base. He sent sms: Come quickly! Someone has been in our base!

Ann answered: I don?t want, I?m so lazy today J It?s too hot today!

Tom: At the top of base the wind is blowing, it?s not so bad J

Piotr I Ola: We will come after 30 minutes, when we finish playing a game

Tom: Hurry up! It?s important!

Piotr: For what?

Tom: Someone has been in the base! I saw traces!

Ola: Is this so important?

Tom: We must know who It was! About 15.00 at the base! Everyone!


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